Well, this is my Blog. I am not a writer, but my Mom keeps telling me that I should take notes on what I do so I can look back on it someday. So, I guess I should start by telling you a little bit about myself. I am 22, Male, live in So Cal, and am currently attending college as a technical theatre major. I work with I.A.T.S.E Local 33 in LA, as well as working at the Haugh Performing Arts Center on the campus of Citrus College. As well as all that I am getting started with Inland News as a freelance Videogropher / Photographer, and I work as over hire for Gothic Moon Productions. I know, with all this, how do I manage to sleep. Honestly, I have tons of free time. It seems like the more jobs I get the less time I actually spend at work.

So you ask, just what do I do with all the free time? Well, I spend a lot of time with my vehicles. I have a 1962 Ranchero, 1977 Thunderbird, and a 1978 General Marine Tri-hull ski boat. Pictures and more info of these will come soon. I also spend countless hours playing Diablo (uswest screen name: Octiron) and Delta Force: Black Hawk Down (screen name: Octiron)

My hobbies (in no order) include: classic cars, boating, fishing, trying to water ski, photography, technology, politics, war history, theatre, and classic rock. I will get links to all of these soon, but I have to get a link for one in particular done ASAP. There is a local performer, Brendan Beach, who you just have to go see if you are in So Cal. He is far more talented than he gives himself credit, and could really go far if he wanted to. Along with his Guitar and vocal talent, he is one of the greatest pumpkin carvers you will ever come across. If you o to any other web site today, make sure it is the web site of Brendan Beach. The only thing more important then checking out his web site is to go see him, and of course, send me cash.

Well, that is at least a start; I will try and update this every couple of days. In the next couple of days, I am going to try and get some past stuff written out. Hope you come back, and make sure you sign my guestbook at the bottom of the page.



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