Ok, I know, I keep saying that there will be an update soon, and they never come. So here is an update, it will not be much, but hopefully it will get me back thinking about the blog and making posts again. Since the last post a lot of stuff has happened, so I will quickly get you up to speed.

I was FINALY able to buy a truck about 2 months ago. It was not exactly what I was looking for, it is much nicer. I got a White 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 QuadCab with the Hemi. It is fully loaded with the tow package, so it can handle the boat no problem. As for the boat, when I started getting it ready for the summer, it would not start. After some trouble shooting with Twink and Jeremy, we found that the flywheel magically broke over the winter. So, the motor is ready to be pulled, and will hopefully be taken out on Wednesday.

Not long after I got the truck, it was broken into, no damage to the truck luckily, but they did get a couple thousand dollars worth of camera equipment. Since insurance is taking for ever, I have not been able to go out on any news stories since then. Hopefully I will have a camera again soon and be able to go have some more fun.

Well, that is it for now



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