So I know I keep saying that I will update this more often, and it never happens so I am not going to say it this time. I am just going to post this update and we will see what happens. It has been a long time, and alot has happened, so I am just going to touch on things quickely. Paige and I are still together. I Basically quit at Citrus. I am nolonger working in the shop, and with out it the shop I dont make enough to pay the bills. I am going to try and still do shows when I can, but I don’t know what will happen with that. I have been working alittle harder at the news video, and have sold a couple of stories during the recent storms. I have also been doing some work for a company called American Neonics in Hollywood. We have been doing the neon for the Grammy Awards, and a t-mobile commercial. I really do not want to work for them, it is not what I want to do, but it is a paycheck while I look for the job that I want.


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