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Well, I have not done a great job of keeping this up to date, but I have done really well at not complaining, until now. This post is a rant, you have been warned, I have nothing good to say, I am just complaining, if you read past here you will just be reading how frustrated I am. If you live locally you may have heard that a car went over the edge of a cliff in Azusa Canyon a week ago, well, wensday night the car was finally found, and they were doing a recovery of the car on thursday. It went down a 125 foot cliff, then sank 135 feet underwater near the damn. I went out and shot video all day. I had shots of the rescue divers bringing the car to the surface with inflatable bags, I had shots of LA County Serriffs Air Rescue 5 pulling 3 of the divers from the water by cable, I had shots of the car being draged from the water, I had shots of what was left of the mangled Toyota MR2, and I even had an interview with the CHP investigator who was not planning on media being there and was wearing a Hawaian T-shirt and jeans. Then there is Ron, a guy who used to work for Inland News, key words being used to, who showed up three hours late so missed everything but the car coming out of the water, and then left early without getting a soundbyte just so he could race out of the canyon and feed video before me. He had even said to my face that since I was there first and had the prior video he would not feed. Since he was greedy enough to not finish his duties and get the full story, he got more sales, since his video feed first. As you can tell I am not happy about this at all, and niether is anyone else at Inland News. So, we are simply going to start covering his area, so he may have stabbed us in the back and stole a story out from under us, but he will lose many more storys in the future because of it. The photos included with this post are video stills from the package I shot.


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