So I am back from havasu, and back to work at NBC. Havasu was great, way to hot at night, but we only suffered the first night. It was holding at about 95 degrees overnight, so it was impossible to sleep in the tent, luckily there was a camper in the group so we were able to crash on there floor. Othere then that the weather was great. There was a thunderstorm each evening lasting only about an hour and a half, but brought some rain and 60+ mph winds. the one night it caught most people off gaurd so once we had all of our stuff secured, I went down and helped hold the boats off of the rocks, and even drove some ladys boat over the the slips at the marina since she did not know how to drive it. The great thing is that she was trying to save the boat by herself, and when we got back to camp, there were about 12 people there and atleast 5 of them were guys sitting around the bar bq drinking. Had a great time though, paiges family had there boat out there and 2 stand up jetskis. I just wish that I had the boat out there.

As far as NBC goes, I have been given a badge (I may have already mentioned that) and I am working up until I leave for Comic con on the 19th. CBS wants me next week but I am already booked. The Head at NBC is a certified tech for ETC so he is going to start training me on the troubleshooting and repair of the lighting consules and dimmers. Well, that is it for now.



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