Not so Great Comic-Con 2008 coverage (post 1)

Well, I am at comic con again this year, and have some time to kill. I am currently sitting in room 6CDEF waiting for the “Big Bang Theory” Panel to begin. I will let you know how it was later if I get around to typing more. Yesterday, I went to two panels. The first was about the new Knight Rider tv series. I was kind of excited about it, but from the clips they showed, I think they will destroy another classic. From what they showed it looks like they are trying to ride the coat tails of another classic and make the new KITT a cross between the original and a Transformer. The other panel I went to was for the movie “Push” and “Twilight” Twilight did not look very good to me, but I think my mom would like it. Looks like it is the vampire version of harry potter, and is based off of a very popular book that I had never heard of. Push looked like it might be a good movie, but the only reason I went was to see Dakota Fanning. I have seen her in interviews and she always seemed so intelligent I wanted to see if it was the same in person, but she got stuck in the accident on the 5 freeway (along with many guests from alot of the panels) and got there after it ended and basically said hi as everyone was walking out.

I will have some photos later, but I dont feel like transfering photos right now, besides I have to conserve battery power.



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