Not so Great Comic-Con 2008 coverage (post 4)

Well, we did not make it into the Mythbusters panel last night, we were close, only about 500 people back in the line when the room hit capacity at 1100. So, we decided to go get some dinner. After walking about 7 blocks up 5th from the convention center we found Henrys Pub. I had a ChiPoodle Chicken sandwitch and garlic fries that was great, and Paige had some kind of buffalo wrap. You could tell they were catering to the con, half of the tvs were on G4 and the other half on Cartoon network. Got done with dinner and went for a walk through the gaslamp about 12 blocks back to the parking structure with the truck, and found that my id badge was gone. So, we turned around and walked the 12 blocks back through the gaslamp, through the store we looked at, and back to the pub, where they did not have the badge. Luckily, we are in today thanks to the help of Arron S with the registration team. He even waived the replacement badge fee, and we talked for a while about how the con had changed and he had the same view I had on the sci-fi channels waste of real estate on the dealer floor. I almost forgot, there was another issue at the coffee house this morning, their bakery delivery did not come in so no breakfast, luckily they still had coffee, because they make the best Carmel Mochiotto of anywhere I have been, and I may have killed somebody with out my coffee this morning. We are in a panel for a tv show I have never heard of called Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Apparently it is in it’s 4th season, but I am still not sure what channel it is on, or when it airs. We were coming here to ballroom 20 for the Harold and Kumar panel at noon and figured there would be a line, well we got here and there was no line, so we went in. in 15 min we will get a short panel on Hamlet 2.

in the lineup today we have Harold and Kumar, Fri the 13th (remake), and then Rogue pictures all back to back in this room, then that is it for panels today. we will head down to the dealer floor, do some last minute shopping, pick up our artwork that we bought the other day, and head over to corvette diner for the traditional after con sunday dinner. Not sure if I will get another post done today, but I do plan to do atleast 1 more con post to kind of some things up



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