Not so Great Comic-Con 2008 coverage (post 6)

Well, I am home, I have been back to work, and am now ready for bed but trying to at least start on Final post for my Comic-Con 2008 series.  I have not had a chance to go through the photos yet, and I did not take many, but I should be able to get a few online soon.

The Con was great as always, even though there were tons of people again.  Oh, this is not looking good for the blog, I just noticed there is a Woot Off going on, you should go check it out instead of reading this OK, I am going to try and pay attention to this and ignore the shiny website, but I make no guarantees.  Now, where was I, oh yes, the crowd.  It was packed, but the staff did a much better job of dealing with the crowds this year then they did last year.  Lines were clearly marked, they had volunteers all along the lines making sure that the paths were kept clear,  and people were not cutting in line (as much).  They did underestimate the draw of a couple panels, so they were not in as big of a room as they should have been, but that is bound to happen.

For me it was a very odd convention, I was only in hall H for one panel, and it was on thursday.  That’s right, I mayde it through Friday and Saturday with out having to wait in line for hall H, or being affraid to leave during a panel I did not want to see because I may not be able to get back in.  I also did not eat at Horton Plaza, or even go to Horton Plaza.  This did not really bother me, I have never really liked it, it is just a busy mall that is laid out like a verticle maze, infact, I am not really sure why I ever went back after the first time.  Paige and I did make it over to Seaport Village for dinner, we met Dawn and Jordan over there on Friday night before going back for night time panels.

Got my ticket for next year, the price went up 20 bucks from last year, but that is fine.  I would actually like to see them double the price of the tickets and cut the amount of tickets sold by 20%.  it would help get rid of the mainstream feel and bring it back to what I remember from my first years, though there are probably tons of people from before me that probably feel the same about my generation of con-goers.

Well I need to get to bed, so I am going to go ahead and post this and finish it tomorrow.



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