Smokin Truck

Have you ever been at a stop light, and start to get on the freeway to notice that the vehicle in front of you smells really bad.  Well, that is what I thought until smoke started pouring out of my defroster vents, then out from under the dash.  It was 2 wires that burnt, all the way fromthe dash back to the battery and where it grounds to the inner fender.  Not sure what it does yet, or did to be more correct.  It is 95 degrees out, and it is parked in the sun, so I am waiting for it to cool down so i can pull the dash and see what is going on.  I was able to just cut the wire off of the battery and the ground, so it did not continue to burn and I could get home.  I will try and get a photo of the damage and let you all know what it was a bit later, but for now, I am going to clean my gun with the kit I was driving home from buying.



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