Leave it to a PC

Well, the laptop crashed again, but on a good note it hangs up at the 39 min mark of reinstalling windows.  So I am currently reformatting.  Of coarse, this means I lose everything.  I have most of my photos backed up on the external drive, but the new stuff is not backed up yet.  All of my bookmarks are saved online at delicious, but I just got everything back set up from the last crash.  I think the only movie, or music that was not backed up was the copy of Tudors Season 2 for my Mom.  It is making the mac I have been wanting look better and better, I am just having problems running the credit card for that much.  I think I am going to go to the mac store at lunch tomorrow and look at them and find out about financing.  On a good note, I did get a pair of shoes today, my old ones were ripping out.  And while I was at bass pro getting them I may have found the .22 pistol I want.  It is one I had not looked at before, but it felt really nice in the hand.  It is the Browning Buckmark contour lite 7.25 urx

Well I guess that is it for now, maybe some time soon this will be coming to you from a MacBook Pro



2 Responses to “Leave it to a PC”

  1. I’m just glad you didn’t blame me for killing the laptop …

  2. You know, now that you mention it . . . .

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