Witnessed a bad accident on the way to work.

Well, sitting here on my lunch break and thought I would tell everyone I was a witness to a bad accident this morning.  CHP is saying that it was only a 3 car accident but it was more then that.  It appeared that a car had stalled in the carpool lane, and had been rear ended by another car (I saw a puff of smoke and debris in the distance).  It was on the other side of the 210, so my view was partially blocked, but as I was approaching a pickup with service boxes slammed into the back car with enough force that both cars moved and the back wheels of the truck came off of the ground and he spun sideways into the fast lane.  Cars were sliding everywhere and it looked like 3 or 4 of them hit the truck.  There were cars going everywhere.  It was bad enough that I thought to my self that it was probably a fatal, and at 6:51 CHP paged a coroner to the scene.  It has been all over the news today but none of the newspapers have a good story about it, they are all just running the ap wire feed, but here it is from the Daily Bulletin.



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