Dodgers, Angels, maybe some other stuff, but probably not

Dodgers are hot, and playing great ball, Angels are not.  Well that sums up half of the title, now for some other stuff.  Palin did well, but dont know that either really won, it is hard to tell when neither of them would answer what was asked of them and just talked about what ever they felt like.  Temperture is cooling down, got cloudy, and smells like rain.  Just watched the last episode of pushing daisies on dvd, I am almost half way through the audio book of Another Fine Myth, it is the first book in the Myth series by Robert Asprin, I started it yesterday, but I need more cd’s, I only have about 20 mins left then I am out of book until I burn the last 2. I have books 2-7 downloading now, should be done in about 2 hours, and I will need something to burn them on as well.  Maybe i will go to the store tomorrow and see if I can figure out a way to solve that problem.  Well the commercials are over and Glenn Beck is coming back on and I think I have covered stuff, so I am going to go ahead and go.  I forgot, we have cookies, I think I will go get some cookies.



2 Responses to “Dodgers, Angels, maybe some other stuff, but probably not”

  1. Dodgers – Yay! Watched some of the debate – all they talked about was what the Prez candidates would/wouldn’t do, not what ThEY though. Did you enjoy Pushing Daisies? I’d like to borrow Myth cds when you are finished with them. I have no cookies.

  2. Hey, I need to edit my comment. Found a couple of typos. Should be “THEY thought”. I need coffee. Guess I’ll go make some. Oh – and it should be “the Myth cds”. Wow, three typos in such a little typing. I really really need coffee.

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