More Big Horn Sheep, Portland, Vancouver, Waterfalls, Old Friend, and anything else I may Ramble off to.

Ok, it has been a while so I have a lot to update, but I am typing this between things at work (Price is Right) so if it is completely random and does not make sense then that is why.  And no, that is not an excuse, and yes I don know that most everything I do is Random and does not make sense, but today that is actually a reason for it.

Well, work is very slow, hearing rumors that this is the slowest quarter this lot has ever had.  So to limit the amount of time that we are laid off they are moving us around and having us cover days off and such on stage.  Which means that last week I was training on the ETC Ion Lighting Console on the Price is Right, then did a 14 hour lighting call for The Young and the Restless.  Thursday and Friday I was laid off which was not cool, but did work out in some ways.  Thursday I slept in a bit and went up to Baldy Lodge with the plan of lunch (the chili size was great as always) then head for a short hike to San Antonio Falls.  On my way to the trail head I spotted the Big Horn Sheep again.  They were pretty far up the canyon, being lazy under some shrubs, so I watched them for a bit and took a few more photos.

The hike to the falls was not what I expected, I knew that the hike was short, but I did not realize that the paved fire road at the trail head actually ran more then three quarters of the way to the falls.  It was still a nice time and really enjoyed the falls.  There was a fair amount of water coming down, and there was still a couple of feet of snow which made it that much better.  There were a couple of points just below the pool where the creek had carved out tunnels under the snow, and the snow was actually thick enough that there were a couple of spots where you could walk to the other side using the snow as a bridge.  I took some photos of the snow bridges, but they did not come out very well at all.  It was pretty quite up there, in the hour or so I was at the fall I only saw a couple of people.  Once it started getting closer to the evening and sunset I made my way back to the truck and started heading down the mountain.  I decided to stop and see if the sheep were more active.  I was there for a min, scanning the hillside, and was not able to spot anything.  I was just about to give up when I saw some movement and realized they were not on the hillside, they had come down to the stream and were right in front of me.  It was surprising, I followed them up the bank as they grazed, and they watched me very closely, but did not seem to nervous, and made no attempt go get away from me.  It was pretty awesome getting to see them that close.

Friday actually worked out OK being laid off, as we were going to Portland for a wedding.  We actually stayed in Vancouver Washington, which for those of you who may not know, that is just across the Columbia River from Portland.

This is a stopping point so I can get something posted tonight, I will update this post to finish it probably tomorrow


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