PART 2: More Big Horn Sheep, Portland, Vancouver, Waterfalls, Old Friend, and anything else I may Ramble off to.

Ok, I am tired and sore, I went for a hike in Ice House Canyon today, but I will talk about that later if I get through the rest of the post from yesterday.  I left off at the beginning of Portland which was Friday.Friday was flight day, so we did not really do a whole lot until the evening.  We met my Uncles Terry and David at a Mexican restaurant called Who-Song and Larry’s.  The food was great, had chicken and shrimp fajitas, and I am ready to go back and get more.  The food was not the important part, the good part was getting to talk to the Uncles for a couple hours.  We ended up being there almost 3 hours, and I could have stayed longer.  The only reason we left was because the David (the groom) was meeting us at out hotel room.  I almost forgot, I got a haircut before dinner, 22 bucks at jcpenny, most i have ever spent on a haircut and they did a horrible job, I ended up spending 30 bucks on a pair of clippers at Target so I could fix it myself. I was not happy.   Well the wedding was on Saturday, I am not much of a wedding guy, I find them rather boring, but it was nice, and the church was beautiful.  I really should have taken some pictures of it.

After the wedding Paige and I went out for a drive heading towards Multnomah Falls, but I did not expect to make it there.  I had looked on Google Maps and had seen that there were a bunch of smaller waterfalls on the way, so we just went to see what we could before we had to head back for the after reception party.  We ended up making it to the falls, but did not have time to get out of the car.  We ended up going back on Sunday morning with Megan.  The waterfall was awesome, Paige and Megan Froze, and I had issues with my camera, but I still got some good shots.  Paige and I went up the first section and out onto the bridge to get a better look, next time we want to go all the way to the top.  The fall is located in the Columbia River Gorge, which is an amazing place.  Everything is green, there are waterfalls, and ponds, and marsh areas everywhere you look, and did I mention that everything is green, not like California green, but almost does not look real green.  If I could get work in my field I would be packing my bags to move up there right now.

As far as the Old Friend portion of the title, I happened to find Jeremy Ward on facebook.  I don’t remember how I found him, but he replied yesterday and I ended up talking to him for about a half hour.  He seems to be doing well, and is really enjoying Texas, hopefully we can keep in touch.

And that brings us back to the hike today, did I mention that I am sore.  This hike was part of a training that I am starting to get in better shape so I can make it through a hike I want to do.  The goal is to take the ski lift up Baldy, and hike from there to the summit of the mountain, then turn and follow the creek all the way down San Antonio Canyon back home.  Last week I did the short hike to San Antonio Falls, and today I headed up Ice House Canyon.  The Lower portion of the canyon is beautiful, you hike through the shade of the forest along the creek.  As you walk, there are many small streams and springs that just run water out of the rocks and down the the creek below.  As you move into the high country, and the Cucamonga Wilderness you move away from the creek for parts of it, and the trees are thinner (along with the air), but there was snow on the ground which kept it looking nice.  The trail head starts off at about 4500 feet, the saddle is at 7500 feet, and I made it to 7000.  It was farther then I had set out to go but I was feeling good, and still had time so I just kept going.  If I had realized I was that close to the saddle I would have pushed on, and been late for Taco Tuesday.  I guess this means I will just have to go back and do the hike again.

Heading down was much faster (imagine that), and I ended up with about 20 mins to spare so I stopped and looked for sheep again.  I was happy to find them down by the banks of the creek again, and shot some photos from the opposite side of the bank.  I did not have anywhere close where I could cross the creek and keep my camera (and myself) dry, but I did find a few fallen trees that allowed me to get out to a very small “island” and from there I was able to stand on a fallen tree over the water.  I was not able to see a much, but was not able to make it any farther, but it was far enough to make one of the males curious.  He came right over to the edge of the embankment and looked at me like I was an idiot, ate some grass and wondered off.  he was there long enough for me to get some really good up close photos.
I will be trying to get the photos uploaded tomorrow as I have to get to bed, I am working Young and the Restless tomorrow so I need to get some sleep.  I will update here and on twitter when the photos make it online.


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