Multnomah Falls Photos and stuff

Well, I took today and went up to Baldy Lodge for some lunch, read the paper, and edit some photos.  I really enjoy going up there, it is just so relaxing.  There is no cell phone coverage and no available wifi, which means there is not a lot to distract me.  I get to sit and read the paper, edit photos, drink some coffee and enjoy the ambiance of a small mountain community.  Since I was there for a while today, I was able to read the entire Daily Bulletin (minus the classifieds), I know it is not a huge paper, but it is still nice to do once in a while.  I also got some Photos edited from Portland while I sat in front of the fire with a cup of coffee.  The weather up there was nice, 38 degrees and pouring rain, they were getting snow up farther, but I did not go up that far today.  Work is still pretty slow, I only had 3 days this week, just like last week, but it might pick up a little bit next week.  Bold and the Beautiful will be coming back, so that will give a few more hours a day to the department.  It will not get us all working, but should help to at least get us a few more hours.  Monday I will be back on the Price is Right, not where I want to be, but it is at least work so I will take it.  I have been enjoying having the time off, I get to hang out at Baldy Lodge, and I have gotten to do a lot of hiking, but I really want to get back in the shop and get back to my regular work schedule.  Well, I am a little tired, and cant really think of anything else to ramble about so I think I will just add a photo and a link to my Flickr sight and end this post.



One Response to “Multnomah Falls Photos and stuff”

  1. That picture looks awesome! Great job!

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