Long winded, but sticking to the blog title.

Well, my 7 Day weekend ended yesterday, and I had to go back to work, actually it was nice.  Except for the having to leave the house at 5am thing, it was a good day.   Ed and I were the only ones in, wiring some neon for the floor of a new show we will be getting after Idol or DWTS.  I am not sure of the name of the show, dont remember.  It was pretty easy as wiring goes, it was floor pieces, but it was all in sections so we were able to bring it in the office and do all the work on the bench where it is easy to get to.  Put in about 10 hours, and that is it for the week.  Yes, it was 7 days off, 1 on, and now I have at least a 3 day weekend.  So, I am sitting here typing the post from the Mt. Baldy lodge, I don’t have cell signal, or internet, so this is being done in Text Edit, and will be posted later.  Not that you needed to know that, I could have just posted this tonight, and you never would have known, but telling you helped to fill some space and gave me time to think about what to say next.  Since I still have nothing, I will tell you that I had the special for lunch, Chicken Sandwich on grilled parmesan sourdough with cheddar and bacon no tomato or avocado, fries, and I am just starting on my second pot of coffee, yes pot, not cup.  I also read the Daily Bulletin, which is normal when I come up here (remember, no internet or cell service).  If I remember I will add a link to the paper tonight before I post this.  Chatted with Nanette, the bartender, waitress, manager, as well as some of the locals, and a couple from the San Bernardino County Sheriffs Citizen Patrol.

Oh, Man, I almost forgot the most important thing, even after harassing my Mom and my Aunt about it.  My Uncles book has been published after some short delays at printing and is now available on Amazon.  Go HERE and buy at least a couple copies.  The book  is “The Forgotten Disturbed” by T L Trevaskis. Here is the synopsis:

Is it a mark of insanity when your life turns into a faerie tale? Or is it a sign of awakening? And how do you tell the difference? Jessica Kendall thinks she is fleeing a nightmare, when she impulsively trades her promising but mundane career at a California university for the isolation of a tiny farming village in south-central Germany. She soon discovers, however, that it is not quite so easy to run away from a dream. There is something odd about her stern but grandmotherly new landlady, Frau Totmüller, and something even odder—and more wonderful—about the old woman’s handsome, successful son. Drawn to the enigmatic Hermann, despite her fears and misgivings, Jessica soon finds herself immersed in a world of magic, ancient artifacts, and unimaginable power that seems to have been waiting for her all her life.

I have already ordered my first copy, and ready for it to be here.

As far as the rest of the day, and the weekend to follow,  tonight, I may be going Bowling with Paige, it is the event for the school tonight.  Not sure if I can make it there as the CERT Team has had a large shed donated, and the church across the street has allowed us to have it put on there property.  It is probably being delivered tonight, and I volunteered to help get it set up and should be getting a call tonight to confirm if it is happening.  It is a big step for us, as it will give us a central location to have supplies, and we have put in for some gear from the county, so if any of that comes through we will have a safe spot for it.

I am also planning on going for a short hike in Ice House Canyon, but since it is already after 3, I probably will only go up to the Chapman Trail split which is about a mile up from the trail head.  This weekend, we may be going up to Holcomb Valley (Big Bear) to go camping at a yellow post site depending on weather.  Also have a friends birthday party on Saturday night, that we may be going to.  I would like to see her, but don’t really know any of her friends, so it is a little awkward, but we have not seen her since Halloween.  She will be joining us for Comic-Con this year so that will be fun.  Oh, look at the battery level, I forgot I has Insomiax running when I left the house, so I only have 17 min of battery left, I better turn the screen brightness down.  There, now the screen is a bit hard to read, but I am up to 18 min of battery.

If we don’t go camping, we will probably hike Ice House Canyon, I am hoping the the heat wave we had this week would have melted the snow enough for us to make it to the saddle with the gear I have.  On a side note, backpacking gear is way expensive.

And now, since this post has not been random enough, and gone in many directions, Monday we went in search of a place to go wilderness shooting.  We spent some time looking for the place I had in mind up near Big Bear, and we were where the Topo Map and GPS said it was, and could not find anything even close, so we went to a back up spot over near Baldwin Lake.  It was pretty easy to find, not a huge spot, but good for pistols and shoot gun, you could do some short rifle, but really only had about 75 yards before a steep hill, which was fine for me since at this point I have not been able to afford the rifle I want (Remington 700VTR) and only have a  Pistol (Springfield XD40 5″ Tactical) we had plenty of room.  Dont know if it would be like this on a weekend, but we were the only ones there.  Which is nice, you dont have to wait for a cease fire to go check your target, and you don’t have to worry about someone being stupid.  We did not shoot too much, went through about 200 rounds between the 2 of us, which is good since it is almost impossible to get ammunition right now.  I have a bunch of .22lr rounds from when I went shooting with Twink, but dont have a 22 so it does not help me much.  Paige and I both want a 22 though, she like the lack of kick, I like the cheap ammo.  Well, I just went into reserve battery power, so I will shut this off and finish it later when I get home.

Ok, so it is now lunch time on Monday (Turkey sandwich and a banana) and I am just now getting ready to post this entry.  It is a bit long, a bit random, and a bit late, but here it is.


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