WIFI at Baldy lodge

Well, I have stumbled across some wifi at Baldy Lodge, not sure if that is good or not.  I was going to type an update in text edit like last week, turned on the Macbook and it asked if I wanted to connect.  I would think that something as expensive and powerful as a MacBook Pro would know that that is a stupid question and just connect me, but it asked.  Of coarse, I said yes.

Depending on how you look at it this was either a much better week, or a much worse week then I have had in a while.  I worked 4 days, which only left 1 day for the lodge, and I was lazy and sat around the house so i did not even make it here early enough to get in a hike today.

Monday I was in the shop for a couple of hours for a wiring project, then shipped off to price so my hours were not on the shop payroll all day.  It does make me wonder though, why there are 3 guys that cant wire, but are kept around.  If we were not supporting their hours there would be a lot more work for those of us that can do the job.  These guys just drag us down and yet they are kept.  It causes shifts like Monday, where I was on Price Is Right, but had to spend the first couple hours in the shop wiring because the 3 in the shop on Monday, only 1 was able to do a very simple project.

Tuesday was a day on Young and the Restless, not a bad day, no cross over, and only 2 sets to rig and focus.

Wednesday, i was in the shop, and got to go to the Radford Lot to repair some of the Luxmax led system I put in for Entertainment Tonight / The Insider.  Apparently, the led’s short out when someone puts a 3 inch drywall screw in to a half inch piece of wood and straight through the node, imagine that.  Luckily it was in a short strand of 7 nodes and not in the strand next to it of 40 so I was able to just swap it out and not have to splice in a new node in the middle of the strand.

Thursday I was in the Shop again, and got a call for a new problem over at ET / Insider.  It is a good thing I happened to be in the shop, there are only 2 of us that now the product.  Turns out that a DSCU controller went out.  It is a little box that goes between the power supply and the led’s that holds the programming so the lighting console can communicate with them.  It worked out well, it was on the desk unit, so between shots, they were able to bring it outside so i could trouble shoot it, I was able to figure out what was wrong before it had to go back on stage.  So while they were shooting I was able to program the new unit and have it ready to go so when they had there next break, I was able to just slap the new unit in real quick.

And, now it is Friday (my birthday) and I am laid off again and enjoying the time with my surprise wifi at the lodge.  Lunch was good as always, I have read the daily bulletin, filled out my absentee ballot (NO ON ALL 1A-1F) signed my application for my FFL 03 permit (Federal Firearms License 03 Curios and Relics) filled out the form to get out of Jury duty, and am now updating the blog.  Pretty busy lunch if you ask me, but it is nice.  Think I will leave here in a few and drop of some stuff at the post office across the street and see if the sheep are down.

Almost forgot, I almost got a photo in the new pamphlet for the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.  My photo did not quite fit the format so it was not selected, but they are sending me 2 free tickets anyways.  The photo they wanted is of a turtle on flickr, I did not think it was a good shot at all and I have much better from the aquarium but that is what they wanted.  Hopefully they will contact me again in the future for some better shots.

I also took a class at Bass Pro Shops last weekend (one of my Favorite stores).  Bass Pro is a toy store, they sell all kinds of outdoor stuff from firearms, archery supplies, camping, fishing, boats, atv’s, outdoor clothing, food.  they also do a lot to help the outdoor community, and one of those things is free classes.  I have taken many of them, most on Hunting which I don’t do, and have no interest in, but the principles used in bringing an animal in for hunting applies to photography.  The class this week happened to be and introduction to fly fishing.  It was a good class, they showed us the basics of selecting a rod and reel, the parts, how to select line, and the most common knots needed and the order to put it all together in.  This sunday is the casting portion of the class, but you have to have your own equipment so I don’t think I will be going.  I cant justify the $150 to buy all the gear to try it out when I have never done it and don’t know if I will even enjoy it.  I have nto been able to find anyone to borrow gear from yet, but when I do I will take the coarse at a latter date.

Well it is about time for the sheep to be down, so I think I will pack up and head out for the day


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