Comic-Con 2009 Quantum Quest – Thursday

Well, we tried to get into Hall H for Disney 3D, but after a couple of hours and a couple of blocks worth of twilight fans for 2 panels later we gave up.  They let us know that the room was full, there was still about a thousand in front of us, and we had missed over half of the panel we wanted.  So, here we are in Ballroom 20 for the Quantum Quest panel.  It is an animated movie, that has worked closely with NASA for an educational space journey.  Personally I don’t think it looks all that good, not my style of animation, but it has a pretty well known cast.  Well, I was going to try and put a link to the imdb page for the movie, but the wifi at con this year is horrible, so you will just have to look it up on your own.



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