Comic-Con 2009 Friday

Sorry to be so slow on the posts, the internet service from smartcity here at the convention center is horrible.  Most of the time google will not even load.  As always it has been a busy day, we are currently in Ballroom 20 (great seats) waiting for the tv guide sci fi hot list panel to begin.

We started off taking the trolley to the convention for the first time, parking has gotten ridiculously expensive this year (20 bucks) so we decided to park a half mile from the hotel and get the all day metro pass for 5 bucks each and let it drop us off right at Con.

Side note, this panel if great

Ok, back to the day.  We waited in line for Hall H.  If you have ever been to Con, you know what a line for Hall H looks like.  Well, today we actually made it through the line, and got into the first panel of the day which was Warner Brothers.  They had some great trailers, I will go into more detail later if I can remember anything when I ger home

Video Clip for Chuck is playing, looks like a show I should be watching.

Just a few people from this panel, Johnny Cho, Jim Parsons (Big Bank Theory)  Johnny Galecki (Big Bang Theory) Rebecca Romijn, Scott Wolf

Due to a famil situation, this will be are last day at Comic-Con this year, but we will be back next year, hopefully with better internet and better writing.

I know this jumped around a lot, and may not make much sense, but it is a quick update.  I will be tweeting from con the rest of today at @crismateski



One Response to “Comic-Con 2009 Friday”

  1. Did you see the announcement about the Red She-Hulk?

    Large times:

    Comic-Con RULES!

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