The last week or so

Worked through the weekend, so I ended up having today off which is nice even though they are kind of cheating me out of overtime. We have been doing a lot of hours lately; I had 17 yesterday, so it was really nice to sleep in a little. I have not really gotten much sleep since before Havasu, still a bit tired, but it helped a lot. This week has been finishing up the new set for So You Think You Can Dance, which will air tonight from the Kodak Theater. If I don’t forget then there will be a couple of photos with this post and a couple of more on flickr. It was all done with Ribbon Flex LED’s (the same stuff we used for Singing Bee) Our portion of the set was huge, and the carpenter and weld shop’s were slammed so it was a big game of hurry up and wait, but we made it.

This set did give me a chance to go over to the Kodak Theater 3 days. The set was designed and built to be used at the Kodak, and then in October when it comes back to CBS we could just add on to it and have a set for the next season of the show. Well, the design was off and it did not fit on stage at the Kodak so the crew there moved things around, and cut down some pieces and could not figure out how to get the LED’s back working again. It is kind of nice being the young guy from TV land and getting to go to a legit house and solve the problems for the senior guys. It is a bit frustrating though, because it is a legit house and I am at TV pay rate I am not allowed to do any work, just tell the crew there what I need and point to things. I did finally get them to realize that it was better if they just held a ladder and let me do my job so we could all get out of there.

Since we were so busy with SYTYCD and America’s Got Talent, the shop did not get the set piece for American Idol Built until yesterday. It was originally supposed to be on the truck at 8 last night and got pushed back to 10, and we got it on the truck at 11:45. We were a little late, but almost made it. We pre wired as much as we could through out the day while they were building and scenic was painting, but did not really get to start on the wiring until after 8pm. I was the only one there for the electric, but luckily one of the other guys from the department was there for one of the shows and was able to help me out, or we would have been really late. We actually had the thing lit up and had about 5 min left in cleaning up the wiring when it popped a breaker at 9:50. For some reason the power supplies that we had were not holding the load. We were close to maxing them out, but were still within the specs. I ended up having to split up the load over 4 power supplies instead of the original 2 that the bosses had bid the job at. This meant that we had to rip apart half of the wiring and just about start over. We should still do ok even though we did not make the time for the truck, and we used some extra parts, we still got it done in a lot less hours then what was bid. I don’t have any pictures of it, but I will try and get some, or you can just check it out during the auditions for American Idol. The piece is a US Map with the American Idol Logo across it

I guess that is it for now, I will post this when I get home from Baldy and get some Internet.



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