With Zero Support From Utah, N.Y. Rep Tries To Circumvent Congress to Close 9.4 Million Acres in Utah

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Thursday November 12, 2009

Matt  FinleyRep. Maurice Hinchey, Democrat from New York, is trying to by-pass the congressional debate of H.R. 1925, which would close over 9 million acres in Utah to OHVs. Since he failed miserably in trying to get ANY representative from Utah to back him in his land grab, he has resorted to asking Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to use his administrative powers to close those lands without debate and without approval from the very state that would be affected.

If enacted, this bill would close the designated areas to all activity including OHVs, bicycles and horses. This includes Moab, one of THE places to offroad, hike and ride horses.

To make things worse, much of the land that is covered in this bill does not comply with the requirements to create such a wilderness designation. According to the Wilderness Act of 1964, Wilderness can only apply to lands ‘retaining its primeval character and influence, without permanent improvements or human habitation.’

This closure would be on top of the 2 million acres already closed, and would greatly damage the local economies that rely on the income from OHV recreation in these very popular places. It is my opinion that there is a clear and concise effort to destroy the financial livelihood of Utah. The AMA is urging all offroaders, equines and bicyclists to join together and make their voices heard by contacting the powers that be and telling them to Leave Utah Alone!

Read the letter that Hinchey and 88 other representatives sent to try to force the closure of MOAB without going through the proper channels.


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