Brandon is home and doing well

Hi everyone,

It has been a VERY long 5 weeks, but he made it.  Here’s Brandon’s timeline.

Nice day of snowboarding with Dad and Jerry.

On second run, was doing a jump, caught an edge, and went face down into ice.

Instantly knocked out.

Found by ski patrol within 5 minutes of the accident, brought down the ski run, and air lifted to the hospital.

Admitted to the hospital as a John Doe.

Tube was surgically inserted into his brain as a precautionary measure to relieve pressure.

Remained in a coma for 9 days.

After he awoke, we were then told they never expected him to survive.

Was taken off the ventilator a couple of days after waking.

On day 14 was moved to CCU, then to rehab.

By day 16, he was walking with assistance.

Each day after than was another day of improvement.

On March 6th, Brandon was released to go home.

He will be in out-patient therapy for awhile, but he’s home.

Gary and I want to thank each and everyone of you (including everyone not on this list) for your prayers, kind words, and support through this ordeal.



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