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Comic-Con 2010 Preview Night

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Well, preview night was short for us, but good, and we accomplished what we set out for.  Got two pieces of art from Ruth Thompson, and got a new copy of Fluxx. Ruth asked if she could draw us sometime this weekend, should be interesting.  I will try and get photos of the art I got tomorrow, in the mean time, here are a couple shots of the Green Lantern car out front. 


not so Comic-Con Comic-Con wrap up

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Yeah, I know, we are coming up on the weekend after Comic-Con 2009 and I have yet to post my final Con post.  It has been pretty crazy around here.  We had to leave Con Early Saturday Morning to attend a family funeral, and since then work has been even busier than when I left.  This is really the first chance I have had to relax, so I am sitting up at the Mt Baldy Lodge, with no internet or phone typing this up in word.   It is nice tonight, the weather is cool, and I am right at the open door to the patio so I have a nice breeze, and the place is pretty empty.  There are a few regulars at the far end, but not many so it is quiet and peaceful. Just what I need, well that and the tacos I just had and the desert I am thinking about.

Ok, I have been stalling, trying to remember what the last thing I wrote about con was so I can try and pick up from there, but I have no clue, so I will just move on to work.

We went from basically un-employed, to almost back to normal, and now the last couple of weeks we have been slammed.  It is has been back-to-back shows, with some overlapping.  In the last couple of weeks Ed and I have done LED’s for Singing Bee, The Price is Right and Let’s Make A Deal.  We also did all new LED’s for the wheel on The Wheel of Fortune, along with a “Free Play” wedge for the wheel itself.  Now we are currently working on America’s Got Talent, and So You Think You Can Dance.  “AGT” has been mostly NeoFlex, so it is not too bad, but there is a lot of it, and they had a huge order of lights, luckily I have been wiring, so I did not have to deal with pulling the order, but I did help run the 4/0 cable for the generators and UPS system.

The show that has been crazy is “SYTYCD”.  I have been involved with it from the bidding process (I have actually gotten to help bid a couple shows in the last few weeks). Our portion of this set is huge, we have over 2000 feet worth of RGB Ribbon Flex LED’s.  The problem is that we have been doing this at the same time as AGT, which has spread the welders and carpenters pretty thin, and they are way behind.  We were originally supposed to ship the entire set on Monday, then it was pushed back to 8am on Tuesday, it is now Thursday, and when I left the welders were still building sections.  Once the welders finish, then the carpenters have to “skin” the frames and cut all the plexi glass, then scenic can paint it, and when they are done then we finally will get to finish.  We have done as much pre-wiring as we can today, but there are just some things you can’t do until it is all put together.  Then today production decided that they wanted to have a new judges desk built, which would normally be fine but we are out of time and out of product, so in the middle of all this we are trying to splice scrap pieces together to have enough to do the desk.

There is no end to this work load in sight either.  I will probably be going to the Kodak Theater to help them get SYTYCD going, we have a set for Wheel Of Fortune that goes out Monday that they have not started building yet, we have additions to the wheel but not sure when that is due.  Also modernizing a few of the Price is Right Games in the next week or so, a set for a new talk show “Ayesha Tyler” that goes out on Aug 10, and we have 3 or 4 bids that have either just gone out or are in process.  It is great though, I am getting tons of hours which will help to put money away for a house.

Wow, I am over a full page in word, that is pretty good for me, and even better for me is the chocolate cake that just made it’s way to the table.10746166151_ORIG

I almost forgot, the last few years a company has been giving out choose your own adventure books to promote a free online rpg.  I have never really paid much attention too it even though the pictures at there booth are funny, but for some reason this year I read the choose your own adventure book, it is pretty short, but very well done, any D&D nerd would enjoy it.  And now I am addicted to the game, it is called Kingdom Of Loathing.  With how busy things have been I have only gotten to play a little in the evening when I should be asleep, in fact, I think I will finish my cake head home to play Kingdom Of Loathing and watch Bones if it is on.

Comic-Con 2009 Friday

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Sorry to be so slow on the posts, the internet service from smartcity here at the convention center is horrible.  Most of the time google will not even load.  As always it has been a busy day, we are currently in Ballroom 20 (great seats) waiting for the tv guide sci fi hot list panel to begin.

We started off taking the trolley to the convention for the first time, parking has gotten ridiculously expensive this year (20 bucks) so we decided to park a half mile from the hotel and get the all day metro pass for 5 bucks each and let it drop us off right at Con.

Side note, this panel if great

Ok, back to the day.  We waited in line for Hall H.  If you have ever been to Con, you know what a line for Hall H looks like.  Well, today we actually made it through the line, and got into the first panel of the day which was Warner Brothers.  They had some great trailers, I will go into more detail later if I can remember anything when I ger home

Video Clip for Chuck is playing, looks like a show I should be watching.

Just a few people from this panel, Johnny Cho, Jim Parsons (Big Bank Theory)  Johnny Galecki (Big Bang Theory) Rebecca Romijn, Scott Wolf

Due to a famil situation, this will be are last day at Comic-Con this year, but we will be back next year, hopefully with better internet and better writing.

I know this jumped around a lot, and may not make much sense, but it is a quick update.  I will be tweeting from con the rest of today at @crismateski


Comic-Con 2009 Quantum Quest – Thursday

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Well, we tried to get into Hall H for Disney 3D, but after a couple of hours and a couple of blocks worth of twilight fans for 2 panels later we gave up.  They let us know that the room was full, there was still about a thousand in front of us, and we had missed over half of the panel we wanted.  So, here we are in Ballroom 20 for the Quantum Quest panel.  It is an animated movie, that has worked closely with NASA for an educational space journey.  Personally I don’t think it looks all that good, not my style of animation, but it has a pretty well known cast.  Well, I was going to try and put a link to the imdb page for the movie, but the wifi at con this year is horrible, so you will just have to look it up on your own.