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Bet you thought I forgot all about this blog

Posted in My Ramblings with tags , , , , , on February 6, 2011 by Crismateski (BlkWgn)

Well, I knew it had been a long time since I had posted here, but I did not realize how long until I signed in a few min ago.  A fair amount has happened since last years Comic-Con, most of it pretty boring, some of it not that good.  I will not bore you with everything, and but I will promise to post more often. (we both know that will probably not happen)

Jumping ahead to more recent stuff, we got screwed by Engine Pros in Corona Ca.  The short of the story is they “rebuilt” the motor in our Camry.  Originally it was supposed to be $1400  and a week to 10 days, we ended up over $3600, an additional $400 in outside diagnostic, 4 months, and the car does not run .  The State Bureau of Automotive Repairs is involved along with the Better Business Bureau, and we are getting prepared for court.  If you want all the details, I would be more then happy to share.

We got one snow shoe trip in this winter, Paige got a bad sprain at work not long after, and is just able to put a little pressure on it now so we have not been back yet.  I am going to try and get in at least one solo trip before we lose all the snow this year.


I have to Backpacking Hammock to try out, one is the BlackBird Hammock from WarBonnet Outdoors, and one is a DIY Gathered end hammock.  I have had them both out to the park for a little test, but it is not the same as spending a night in the woods.  I also have an awesome new fishing rod from St Croix.  I am just waiting for the reel to come in.  They were  rod and the WBBB were both Christmas presents.

and now we are up at the Lodge watching the Superbowl